Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bovee and Thill's Groundbreaking Coverage of Mobile Has Made All Other Business Communication Textbooks Obsolete

Bovee and Thill's Groundbreaking Coverage of Mobile Has Made All Other Business Communication Textbooks ObsoleteIn news that has taken the business communication textbook market by surprise, authors Courtland Bovee and John Thill announced major coverage of mobile business communication in their 2015-2016 editions, the first authors in the field to do so. This will make all other business communication textbooks obsolete.

Courtland Bovee said, Business communication instructors who don’t recognize now that mobile should be integrated throughout their textbook and be a central part of their course will rapidly experience the declining relevancy of their course to today’s students.”

Coverage of mobile communication is deeply integrated throughout Business Communication Today, 13th Edition, and Business Communication Essentials, 7th Edition, both of which will be published in January 2015, and Excellence in Business Communication, 12th Edition, which will be published in January 2016.

Thill said, “I believe that today’s students are literally holding the future of business communication in their hands. As a result, my coauthor and I have responded with current, comprehensive, and fully integrated coverage of mobile business communication in every chapter of our texts. This is because successful communication on mobile devices requires a new approach to planning, writing, and designing messages.” These are the new text sections that highlight Bovee and Thill’s mobile coverage:

The Rise of Mobile as a Communication Platform
How Mobile Technologies Are Changing Business Communication
The Unique Challenges of Communication on Mobile Devices
Ethical and Legal Issues in Mobile Communication
Mobile Communication Etiquette
Using Mobile Tools for Collaboration and Teamwork
Mobile Variations in Cross-Cultural Communication
Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Media
Writing and Reading on Mobile Devices
Message Design and Formatting for Mobile Devices
Optimizing Content for Mobile Devices
Mobile Considerations in Social Networking, Blogging, Video, and Other Media
Using Mobile Technologies to Improve Routine Communication
Creating Promotional Messages on Mobile Devices
Visual Media on Mobile Devices
Research Using Mobile Devices
Using Mobile Devices in Presentations
Mobile Devices in the Job Search Process
Mobile Aspects of Personal Branding

Integrated discussions of other key mobile topics such as the bring your own device (BYOD) phenomenon and using mobile apps for language learning and translation

· Highlights of several dozen mobile apps that students can use in their professional communication activities
Two dozen model documents, photos, and screenshots that illustrate mobile communication concepts.

New end-of-chapter questions and activities that focus on mobile communication
· A selection of communication exercises and cases that challenge students to craft messages for mobile devices

Bovee said, “When students complain to instructors who are teaching business communication about courses not being relevant, sometimes they’re right! Business communication instructors should be sure their course and their textbook cover today’s mobile revolution, the biggest technological shift since the Internet.”

About the Authors

Courtland Bovée and John Thill have been leading textbook authors for more than two decades, introducing millions of students to the fields of business and business communication. Their award-winning texts are distinguished by proven pedagogical features, extensive selections of contemporary case studies, hundreds of real-life examples, engaging writing, thorough research, and the unique integration of print and electronic resources. More information is available on their website at Bovée and Thill's Business Communication Blog. You can also order instructor examination copies of their texts.

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