Thursday, May 7, 2015

Are You Going to Adopt a Modern "Essentials" Textbook?

Are you going to adopt a modern “Essentials” textbook with extensive integration of mobile communication in every chapter, or are you going to saddle your students with a commonly adopted “Essentials” text that is stuck in the last decade?

Bovee & Thill's Online Magazines for Business Communication's insight:

Because of complacency and a lack of knowledge about the topic, most business communication textbook authors are ignoring the mobile revolution. In fact, they’re pretending that it doesn’t even exist.

In light of these facts, are your students being served well? There is one team that’s always on the cutting edge: Bovee and Thill. The fact they are the only business communication textbook authors currently writing about mobile tells you everything you need to know about which author team conscientiously revises its books and keeps them current. (Bovee and Thill were also the first authors to discuss social media and digital communication in their texts.)

Adopt the only modern "Essentials" text: Business Communications Essentials by Bovee and Thill.

See how your text compares to Business Communication Essentials with this interactive checklist.

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